It is 10:17 on a hot Saturday in June and this topic has been plaguing my thoughts for the past few days, nay, years. Why don't photographers credit their fellow vendors? Please do not get me wrong, I have a lot of vendor friends that are EXCELLENT at tagging their cohorts in wedding crime. But what of the many photographers who post pictures willy nilly about their social media in a tangled flury of self indulgent ego, literally saying "Look at me!!" ... "No seriously, look at me, and just ME. I am the wizardry behind all the magic created on the monitor or mobile device in front of you." 1st of all, cool. 2nd of all, are you an only child? But I digress. I know, I am being so harsh and me

Frequently Asked Questions (After Booking)

How do I take my event makeup and eyelashes off? Eye makeup remover and a foaming wash will be your best friend. Oil cleanses used prior to a wet wash will help melt and break off a lot of the makeup as well. Anything you may have to help agitate the wet wash such as sponges, wash clothes, face brushes or a Clarisonic will help too. What if a member of my party or myself has an allergy or sensitivity and/or vegan? We take allergies and personal choices very seriously. Due to the constant turnover of products in each artists' kit, the volume of products in each kit, and the variation of products used between each artist, we are not able to check each item and its ingredients. If an allergy an

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