Senior Pictures & Unforgettable Memories

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I remember my senior pictures well. I went to the same studio as the rest of the 750 members of my graduating class... and every class before me did as well. We all took a picture in our cap and gown, then we sat in a chair while a random photographer made us put our hand up to or cheek, of course there was the pose next the huge white '99 block (I refused that shot for the record). Let us not forget the lovely muted tye-died back splashes and perfectly magnicured small back yard that we posed in front of. Am I spiking your memory?

Well it is not this way anymore! I was blown away after I was brought to do makeup and hair on my 1st senior session. I kept asking the sweet teenage girl in my chair, "Your school lets you do this?!" "Your high school actually allows you to go to whoever you want to for your senior pictures?! How special is this?!"

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We treat our Senior Sessions almost like a mini-wedding. We get to know our clients and ask them about their own personal esthetics and style. Above, Kylie is photographed. She is valdictorian of her graduating class and off to NAU in the Fall. Kylie was so mature and thoughtful, a truly special young woman. Our photo sessions take us to the high and low of Tucson and surrounding areas to find the perfect scenery back drop. Klyie took us to this cool train track over a bridge in Benson her home town. So cool!! It all depends on the girl, sometimes something more urban, maybe something more organic and outdoors.


We treat our Senior Sessions almost like a mini-wedding. We get to know our clients and ask them about their own personal esthetics and style.

Lexie photographed to the right told me before the beauty session, "I'm gothic - but I also like barbie and preppy too." The photographer looked at me and said "you got that?" I stammered for a second thinking what a gothic preppy Barbie doll may look like (I'm familiar with all 3 of course- but the combination was demand- was I on an episode of Face Off?) But once I started talking to Lexie and working with her makeup it become clearer and clearer to me where I was going, who she was, and how I was going to portray it.

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Dacy photographed above has the kindest sweetest spirit. She called me "Ms. Heather" the whole time! She was a true case of the Duckling into the Swan. Her whole demeanor and spirit glowed as she posed for the camera, she's meant to be in front of it!! It is so exciting for me to capture these girls the way they want to be portrayed. Not like another number coming through an assembly line, but as a young adult, excited to see what the world is going to offer her. Excited to express herself and show the world who she is as an individual.

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Taylor in the above photo needs to be a model, in fact, I think I'll send these pictures to Tyra. Taylor is my high school intern and aspiring makeup artist. She is a dedicated hard worker, very talented, and a total sweetheart.

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This is indeed one of my favorite parts of being a makeup and hair artists. Creating the best vision of one's self as I can. Kenzie, photographed to the left told me to do whatever I wanted for her make over. She showed up to the shoot sunkissed and her hair in a big knot at the top of her head. After talking with her a bit I learned she worked at Coldstone, had a long time boyfriend, aspired to go to NAU (my old Alma Mater) and that she was a bit of cowgirl. I listened to her and I really love how we were able to express that she was a down to earth natural beauty. Kenzie has a sophistication that a lot of the world had not quite seen but I saw it.


I am so excited that these girls have the option of choosing who their photographer and beauty team are for the senior pictures, what momentous and incredible pictures for them to keep forever, something truly special.

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