What Kind of Makeup Do I Want On My Wedding Day?

So many times brides tell me, "I love how natural all the girls on your website look!"

This comment used to excite me, but now I get a little nervous. I ask my client to show me makeup inspiration pictures they may have, they supply pictures from their phone via saved Pinterest pages or maybe even our own Instagram and website pages. They continue referring to how natural all their choices are.... even though they are nothing close to natural. I let the client know their pinned looks have very full coverage foundation, extreme contouring, and dramatic eye makeup. However, they LOOK natural in the pictures.... just like the pictures on my website do.

Yes, we have a much lighter hand than what you may see a instagram or youtube or maybe even other other bridal artists you have come across, but our makeup does not look like there is no makeup on. Please remember, that is why I am here, and this is why you are paying me. I am on your side to give you what you are requesting and to emulate the style you see all over our website and social media. I assure you: it will be more than what you are used to and you will look different.

We can simplify everything into different genres, and then the intensities of each genre. 1st and foremost: are you Modern, Traditional, Old Hollywood, or Boho? 2nd question would be: How much intensity do you want within your genre: Light, Medium, Dark. I used to have a "Natural" category that no one really ever fell into and I personally felt like the outcome for pictures was not as successful as I would have liked. In all honesty, if you want less intensity than the Light Makeup option, you REALLY do not need professional makeup artists.

Light Makeup

A lot of our brides fall in this category. This is where you would land if you are looking for the quinessential "Blushing Bride" aesthetic. Flawless full coverage makeup, contouring, bronzing, lashes, brows, highlighting and blush. If you never wear any makeup or even if you wear a normal amount of makeup, this may feel fairly dramatic once it is on you.

Medium Makeup

This most requested makeup for most on the trial day but they not always how dramatic the decide to go on the wedding day. A medium option would more than likely have inspo pics from Pinterest or Google and perhaps even our website. You will notice that a lot of our most popular brides we have had and requested looks are also in this category. This level will look beautiful in pictures, very polished and enhanced in person, and separate from your everyday look. This look will also set the tone for a formal event such as a wedding. As we turn up the volume from our light makeup we will see a little more contouring, darker eyeshadows (browns and blacks will be used to create shadows and intensity), eye liner, and a fuller set of lashes here.

DISCLAIMER: This level typically feels aesthetically uncomfortable for our clients who are: more mature, fair, never wear makeup, or do not stick to a diligent skin care routine.

I want Dark Makeup

This is for the bride that wants to make an impact. This is a very confident bride who knows how to maintain makeup throughout the day, and she is more than likely someone who wears a good amount on a normal bases and she has the confidence to wear darker and heavier makeup in person. Instagram, Pinterest and Instagram pictures will be used for inspiration much more in these looks because they do tend to lean on the more dramatic side. Black, grays, shimmer / glitters, and dark brown eyeshadow will be the domineering eyeshadow shades to reach full intensity. Professionally speaking, I like to keep this level as my max for bridal work in order to maintain a wedding aesthetic, but of course there are always exceptions.

DISCLAIMER: This level will feel aesthetically uncomfortable for our clients who are: more mature, fair, never wear makeup, or do not stick to a diligent skin care routine.

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