It is 10:17 on a hot Saturday in June and this topic has been plaguing my thoughts for the past few days, nay, years. Why don't photographers credit their fellow vendors?

Please do not get me wrong, I have a lot of vendor friends that are EXCELLENT at tagging their cohorts in wedding crime. But what of the many photographers who post pictures willy nilly about their social media in a tangled flury of self indulgent ego, literally saying "Look at me!!" ... "No seriously, look at me, and just ME. I am the wizardry behind all the magic created on the monitor or mobile device in front of you."

1st of all, cool. 2nd of all, are you an only child? But I digress.

I know, I am being so harsh and mean. I am so rude to ask for acknowledgement for my hard work, not just as an artist but also as an entrepeneur. I am the WORST. I can hear the words being screamed by photographers at this blog right now "Legally these are my images!" "Tag yourself!" "Just ask me to credit you if it upset you!" But honestly though, why should I have to argue these defenses? Just be a proper person and realize this is a collaborative art, a networking community, and a decent thing to do to your fellow man. And if you find it annoying to tag every time you post something then just highlight and paste from the last time you posted that wedding. Or at least that's what I do and I am not crying over it nor have I given myself carpal tunnel from the extra few clicks on my keypad.

I have been able to pinpoint the 2 types of Non-Credit Giving Photographers. Let's just call them "The NCGP."

The Bright Eyed Bushy Tailed NCGP

They are brand new to professional photography or wedding world, and quickly excited with their work and can't wait to show it off immediately. I get it, I've been there. Early in my career, I was DM'ed by an angry photographer telling me "to take down their work or give them full credits." Yikes! Scary stuff, but now I understand why. I immediately took down their picture and apologized profusely completely embarassed and scared to ever post again. But what if I told you that I have nicely DM'ed or written directly on these NCGP's after they have not given me credit saying, "Such a beautiful picture! I had a blast working with you and (enter Bride's name here - let's just call her "Delfina Shanaynay Huffheins") at (enter venue location - let's just call it "The Enchanted Fairy Castle"). And wouldn't you know it? STILL no revision in vendor credits. So now I am left having to message them back with a "No seriously, can you credit me?"

The Hot Shot NCGP

This is a seasoned photographer that has been in the wedding industry for a long time and knows that their fellow vendors would probably appreciate some glory and recognition as well. But for 1 reason or another, they do not. It would be rude of me to make assumptions as to why they do not but we are having so much fun being honest right now, why stop? It has to come down to either laziness, or lack of respect for any other vendor except themselves. If you can think of other reasons why, I'd love to know.

If you are a photographer or a fellow non-photographer vendor and have taken offence or fully support this message, go ahead and sound off in the comment section below and I will make revisions to this blog. And of course, give all the appropriate credits necessary ;)

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