COVID-19 Postponements and Cancellations

Updated: Jan 17


1) Update to the Current Menu link here:

2) Fill out Postponement Contract

3) Pay remaining balance in full at re-signing for your final elective postponement

For all postponements, current retainers will apply to the new wedding date. Please keep in mind, this is a one time and final transfer/postponement. This means, moving forward, no transfers/postponements will be honored unless State or Federal Restrictions include SIP Orders or restrictions on the operation of beauty businesses, and no refunds will be issued for cancellations. Force Majeure cannot be used in regard to COVID-19 unless the date has State or Federal Restrictions with SIP Orders or restrictions on the operation of beauty businesses. In event of cancellation due to a legitimate Force Majeaure, we are offering a one time credit for another mutually agreed upon Mon-Thur date within a calendar year from this contract.


Cancellations due to a federal or state lock imposed lock down will be issued a credit for their non-refundable retainer to be used at another mutually agreed upon Mon-Thursday for 1 calendar year from the last completed contract.

Elective cancellations (dates cancelled that do not have a federal or state lock imposed lock down) will refer to their cancellation policy in their contract.

To move your date to a later season due to COVID-19 we are asking for the client to:

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