COVID-19 Postponements and Cancellations

NOTE: This blog is for all brides that booked their wedding before June 1, 2020. All Brides that have booked after this date, or post-pandemic outbreak, assume that there are inherent risks and responsibilities that could arise due to COVID-19 with their wedding date. Because of this, we will only transfer retainers if there are state or federal SIP orders, or constrictions upon business operation. No refunds for retainers will be given. Travel bans and restrictions on party limit size cannot be honored since they are currently known risks.

I want to start out by stating that this is really not my favorite thing in the world to address. It is awful for both parties involved and I am sad that I even have to write a blog about a global pandemic.

First and foremost I hope all of my clients and their families are healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. I also understand that all of my clients are not affected the same way by this pandemic. Some of you live in large densely populated cities and may still have your jobs, but your overall physical safety is a higher priority due to your travel circumstances and everyday proximity to people. Others may live in towns and lesser populated cities but have lost your jobs or are on furlough so your financial situation has become stressed, but your overall safety and exposure to COVID-19 is not as high of a concern to you. I know that some of you are battling concerns as your guest list may have a lot of international guests, or even from all over our own country, making this an added element of stress in your decisions. I also understand that you can be any combination of the aforementioned circumstances. I hear you, I feel you, and I understand each of you.

After a few months of managing all of our bookings that have been affected by the pandemic, as well as speaking with lawyers, fellow artists in the industry, fellow vendors in the industry and MOST importantly my brides, I have come to the most fair policies I can find for both parties.


Postponements due to Federal or State Mandated SIP orders or limitations on beauty business operations will have their retainer applied to their new date or issued a credit at a later mutually agreed upon date and time if the party decides to cancel. This is a Force Majeure, an Act of God has made it impossible for either party to move forward on the initial date. We will ask for the client to sign an updated contract, quote, and pay for an additional retainer based on the demand of their new date, as well as how far out it is from the original date. Cancellations will be waived from owing their remaining balance, but will not be issued a refund for their non-refundable retainer. The reasoning behind this is that the retainer is primarily used towards office fees/staff and maintaining your booking. This policy would apply even if the cancellation of our services is due to our company not being available for your new selected wedding date. Should you need to reschedule/postpone your date, and would like to avoid this circumstance, we kindly ask that you work with us to find a mutually agreed upon available date. However, we are understanding that there may be circumstances of a necessary cancellation, in these cases, we are more than happy to offer the Client a credit for the remaining balance of our services to be used at a later mutually associated with the wedding (rehearsal dinner, wedding shower, engagement pictures or even family pictures).


If your date does not have Federal or State SIP orders or constrictions on salon businesses but you are considering a postponement or cancellation; again, I hear you, I feel you, and I understand you. However, in order to maintain this business and all contractors on hold for your wedding, we cannot honor a Force Majeure clause. A postponement in this circumstance would be considered a cancellation of the Event. If the Client cancels their event, any payments will be retained by the artist.

However, we want to work with you as much as possible on this detail!

We will transfer your retainer if you postpone your new date to:


Any available Non-Saturday


Any available Sunday-Thursday in March, April, October, November

Any available Sunday-Friday in Jan, Feb, May, June, September, December

Any available date in July-August

All dates not listed above will incur a $250 rebooking fee.

Upon booking your new date, we will ask: for an updated contract to be signed and the remaining balance to be paid in full. If your new date is after 9/15/21 you will need to update to our Fall '21 Menu. If your new date is before 9/15/21 and you our not on our current pricing menu you will need to update to the current menu.



Any Traditional Weddings that are rescheduling may have their artists substituted. If the client would like a new trial with her new artists, it would be up to the client to re-book and pay for a new trial with her new artists within the 3-4 month mark from her new date. OR if she would like to secure her original trial artist(s), please ask the office team if there is availability to add them with the upgrade options in her quote for her new date.


If you are booking services with our company after June 15th, 2020 for your 2020 Wedding we are asking for payment in full with no option of postponements or transfers unless there is a State or Federal Mandate for SIP orders or constrictions on salons to operate. No refunds will be issued for cancelled weddings, only credits for a future mutually agreed upon date. 

We want to be here for you and get this together! We understand that this is a stressful and uncertain time, and everyone involved has been incredibly affected by this. Our team is so excited hopeful to move forward with future seasons and continue to make your wedding dreams come true! Please let us if we can answer questions on these points.