2 signature HVH looks will be taught by Owner and Master Makeup Artist Heather Van Houten. 


You will learn how to:

- Build a long lasting flawless and glowing skin finish that does not look oily or greasy

- How to accurately match foundation when working with Bridal Photography

- Contouring your client without HEAVY GRAY LINES! 

- Incorporating Airbrushing into our looks (when to use it?) 

- Construct a look that will give enough impact for HD-photography

- Achieve on trend and highly demanded eye looks

- Construct a look that is taylored to your client style, aesthetic, and face/eye shape

- Make lips look fuller and more luscious

- Build a natural and flattering brow

- Apply individual false lashes in a flattering and customized shape for your client. 


The 1st look Heather will go through will be a step by step tutorial style where fellow artists will watch and ask questions as HVH takes you through a signature look. 2nd look starting around 1pm will be hands on where each artists will apply on their model. Models provided by the artists. 


The second look will be hands on where every artist will bring a model to achieve the look on their own while HVH and Team can help trouble shoot issues, and help you achieve the look. We ask that all artists bring their professional kits and brush sets; however, a small set of HVH's fave brushes, makeup sponge, lashes and access to select makeup products from the HVH Makeup Stash will be available so you can have optimum success to achieve the looks as Heather does. 


Q&A will be at the end of the 2nd look where all artists will have the option to ask any aesthetic questions they would like, as well as any business related questions anyone has. 

HANDS ON MAKEUP CLASS on September 15th 10-5

  • No returns or exchanges. Can be gifted or transferred to another artist.