Heather Van Houten

Primary and Master Makeup Artist, Owner

Established in 2013

Who Am I?

I am just a girl who absolutely loves art, makeup, and making women feel beautiful. I am OBSESSED with telling the story of your wedding through your beauty styling. I want to know your dressmaker, florist, color palette, style, fashion icons, and personality. I understand that your aesthetic and style is personal and that you are choosing me to represent your best "you" for your event. I am skin and eyes focused always, but I do love a bold lip when the moment is right. My favorite styles to execute are boho glow or classic glam. Clients have referred to my work as "Victoria Secrets" or "Desert Sexy"... I accept both answers. 

Every day I am thankful to collaborate and work with the talented group of artists within my company, as well as amazing vendors throughout AZ and beyond. 


Who is an HVH Client? 

You want to tell a story on your wedding day. You are passionate about the styling, aesthetic and mood while also being open to new and collaborative ideas to heighten the vision. You are willing to hear suggestions about skin/hair prep that will help make you picture perfect. Furthermore, you are a Bride that values and trusts a professional beauty team, and you are looking for your artists to be on "Team YOU!"

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