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Frequently Asked Questions (After Booking)

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

How do I take my event makeup and eyelashes off?

Eye makeup remover and a foaming wash will be your best friend. Oil cleanses used prior to a wet wash will help melt and break off a lot of the makeup as well. Anything you may have to help agitate the wet wash such as sponges, wash clothes, face brushes or a Clarisonic will help too.

What if a member of my party or myself has an allergy or sensitivity and/or vegan?

We take allergies and personal choices very seriously. Due to the constant turnover of products in each artists' kit, the volume of products in each kit, and the variation of products used between each artist, we are not able to check each item and its ingredients. If an allergy and/or life choice is a high enough concern to the client, we recommend opting out of beauty services. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions and it is up to the client to exercise caution if he/she is highly sensitive.

Should I get lash extensions?

We carry only the highest grade lines with real hair in 3 different band styles, and 6 different cluster sizes. We can create any look with them AND they are included in your price. Heather Van Houten specifically encourages her personal clients to pass on the lash extensions so she can customize the entirety of the beauty look.

What should we wear to the trial/event/wedding?

Come comfy and casual. If you are using your trial as a makeup and hair booking before another event, we strongly advise that you do not wear anything that you will be photographed in. Powder, hair spray, and makeup can get messy! A loose/button up top or tank/bandero is ideal, and no jewelry. Please bring any hair accessories and/or veil that you would like to see with your makeup and hair trial.

How should I prepare my hair for the trial/event/wedding?

Any shine treatments, color or highlights you need are always a great idea within the months prior to the wedding! On event days, we like super clean blown out hair! Wash well to get all oils and product out so nothing weighs your hair down. If you have curly hair, please let us know and we will give you further instructions.

How should I prepare my skin for the trial/event/wedding?

Great skin makes a great canvas! Love and spoil your skin with your favorite skin care products in the months prior to the wedding. Try not to use any new treatments within a week of your wedding. For the event date, clean moisturized skin is great. Please no SPF or heavy serums, they will create a barrier and cause a flash back in the photography.

How long will the trial be?

2-3 hours is average.

Can you do multiple looks for my trial?

We can absolutely make small changes and alterations to the look we create for you. Beyond that, it is very hard to show different looks to their full integrity in one sitting. We curl the hair specifically for each style so the hair becomes tired if we try to force into a 2nd style or a style that the curls are not prepped for. The same with the makeup. 2nd looks end up looking muddy and overworked. If the client is interested in multiple looks, we encourage the client to book a separate trial.

Where will the trial be?

Trials for weddings in Tucson, Casa Grande and Southern towns/cities with by held at Heather's Home Studio in Marana (Tucson). PHX/Scottsdale/Northern AZ clients will have trials performed at Heather's Home Studio in Arcadia (Phoenix). Address given upon booking.

Are we suppose to tip? Is gratuity included?

An 20% gratuity is added to all services. If you would like to tip extra, feel free to give it directly to your artist!

Where can I purchase hair extensions? Do you provide them for me?

We do not provide extensions, but most of our clients to choose to use them, and we are very familiar with them. Check out our Hair Extension Blog next!

Should I bring inspiration pictures to my trial/wedding/event?

Yes! Inspiration pictures are always fantastic to bring. It keeps all of us on the same page, especially if you are looking for a specific style. Try to look for pictures of actresses or models that have similar hair, color, and skin to yours to make it easier. HD pictures are the way to go. Consider looking over our Instagram @hvhfaces or your artists individual pages for inspo as well!

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