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Hair Extensions

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

I think I want hair extensions.

Did you know that almost all of our brides wear hair extensions? And not just for length, but also for fullness? What if you also knew that the 1st time most of our brides wear extensions is for the wedding day?

Well, it is all true! If you are considering wearing hair extensions to bring your hair style to the next level you are in great company! Also, you are in the MAJORITY, not the minority of women we work with. The hair inspiration we see on google, insta, pinterest and the like are all heavily edited and manipulated. Hair extensions, wigs, donuts, toppers, and root touchup are so essential to achieve the high standards set by the wedding industry today.

Hey Heather! How do I buy all this crazy hair you speak of?!


This is our favorite option since we can design where we add the fullest based on your hair style request. Our fave brands with the best quality and variety are (not affiliated):


Luxy Hair



Easy to wear, remove, and install

Least expensive option


Must choose color and order through website

Must add and remove them each day of wear

Professional install tape-in, crimped, fusion and hand-tied extensions

These are semi permanent hair extensions installed by a licensed professional. We ask that you have them installed for at least 3-4 weeks before your wedding date to make sure the hair "settles" into your own hair. We also ask that you discuss with your wedding day hair artist if there are any areas you may need to tell your installer to avoid in order to achieve your requested style.


This option is nice if you are wanting thick voluminious hair for all your wedding events and honeymoon

Last about 8 weeks before you need to have them adjusted or removed


Can be tight or uncomfortable

They can be hard to work with in a hairstyle

Can have a hard time blending with your own hair

Most expensive option

Must involve a pro for installation and removal

The Halo

Don't. Just don't. I hear you all now "But Heather, my normal hairstylist told me to get one!" "I've watched commercials and ads and they look so easy to use!" "My friend recommended I buy the halo because she did for her wedding." And these are all super valid reasons to not take my advice. Let me be honest with you, I OWN a halo myself. And whilst I love using it on an occasional night out, I would NEVER wear it on my wedding day. Any big movements, hugs, or tugs on the hair will move that halo around and the hairstyle will look pretty unhappy. Plus, it is uncomfortable and heavy. Forget any dramatic dips on the dance floor for sure - lol!! Also, it will definitely limit the hairstyles you can choose to achieve as there is a wall of hair on a wire on your head. Updos are totally out.

P.S. Your hairstylist more than likely makes a commission from the sale of the halo or the cut/trim of the halo so it is within their interest for you to buy it. It is within our interest to make sure you hair looks and FEELS the best it can possibly look on your wedding day. <3

Ok Heather, I've made my decision. Now what?!

Now, my beautiful Mermaid Goddess, you will take peace in the fact that you will be living your best life ever on your wedding day without any regret to what COULD have been. And also, you will follow these instructions...

Care for your clip-in extensions

If you are purchasing from a company not linked above, please make sure you are purchasing REMY HAIR. What does this mean? This means you are looking for authentic high grade hair versus synthetic or synthetic blends. Synthetic hair is usually made of nylon and plastics which will frizz and melt with a curling iron. Not cute, and not your best life.

Bellami and Luxy both have awesome customer service and can recommend color options if you reach out and provide good pictures of your hair.

You will choose the length based off of your hair length as well as any additional length you are wanting to achieve. Be mindful that 2-4 inches is probably the most length we can realistically give you without encountering blending problems with your real hair. If you are wanting to achieve more length than the 4 inches, just talk with us and we will direct you with the best options! You will choose a color as close to yours as possible. If you are on the fence between colors, opt for the lighter shade for blending purposes.

If you opt for clips or a halo *clutches my grandmothers pearls* we will ask you to wash the extensions throughly... with Dawn Dish Soap. I know, I know! I can hear you right now, "Heather, I just paid $abajillion for these! I cannot put dish soap on them!!" And I get that, I seriously and truly do, but we have to remove all the chemicals and sealants used during the manufacturing process. Otherwise, the extensions will remain bone straight, not hold a curl, not blend in with your real hair, and fight us through the styling. And lets be super honest here, how many crazy things have you done to your real hair in the past 5 years?! That's what I thought. Use the Dawn.

Go ahead and skip any conditioners after thoroughly rinsing and hang to air dry. The added weight and stickiness of the conditioner will only weigh down the extensions.

If you went for the tape in or crimp in options you will:

Talk with your installer and your HVH Artist about what hair style you will be doing on your wedding day. We may need the installer to keep certain things in mind so the semi-permanent extensions do not hinder your hair style. Also, please give the extensions at least 21-30 days to adjust and settle down in your hair before the wedding day. Newly applied fresh extensions can be stiff and stubborn to blend in the your real hair and we want nothing but sympatico and blue skies on game day!

Alright my Mermaid Goddess, you are equipped with all the knowledge necessary to make your decision. Now swim away into that ocean sunset and we will see you on your wedding day ;)

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