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What is a Blowout?

What is a Blowout?

A blowout is the most efficient way of achieving shiny, smooth and voluminous hair. More specifically it is concentrated heat using a blow dryer combined with a styling tool such as a round brush, boar bristle brush or paddle brush. The heat allows the hair to become moldable and the brush of choice puts tension on the hair creating a smoother texture from roots to ends. Chances are you have had at least one blowout in your life if you have ever received a haircut/wash and style in some kind of salon setting.

What you should know…

Blowouts are great for a number of reasons and styles. Although it’s a wonderful service at the end of your hair appointment to enhance your everyday hairstyle, it is also a suitable option for wavy, curly or frizzy textured hair to have done before achieving any desired hairstyle. Its important to note that a blowout does not mean the end result has to be smooth hair with some bend at the ends. Whether you want curls or waves using an iron or an updo or anything in between, a blowout might be the service your hair will need in order to execute the style you’re aspiring to achieve. Different hair types require different prepping paths to make them look like all of those amazing hair inspiration pictures from Pinterest.

Is a Blowout right for you?

Here’s the deal, yes we can smooth your roots with a straightener and then use a curling iron on the mid shaft and ends. BUT, when we do this we are

sacrificing volume and adding extra time to your curl set. The blowout will allow us to relax the roots and any unruly spots in your hair for example stubborn growth patterns or kinky curls around the hairline without having to repeatedly run an iron over those spots. Also note a blow dryer will never get as hot as a flat iron or curling iron making it a better and healthier option for your hair when wanting to achieve a smoother hairstyle. The best way to decide if a blowout is for you before presenting us with whatever style you desire on your wedding day is to first determine what your natural hair texture and curl pattern is: Straight? Wavy? Curly? Kinky? Fine? Medium? Coarse? Then ask yourself if you frequently battle frizz or the ability to get smooth roots? Roots meaning the first inch to 2 inches of hair from your scalp. Anything above straight or fine hair should strongly consider this service. (this applies to the entire bridal party: bridesmaids, mother of the bride, mother of the groom or anyone receiving a hair service on the day of the wedding). Blowouts can also be a great style all on its own, a particularly perfect option for mother of the bride or mother of the groom regardless of hair texture or type. A polished and elegant choice that still allows them to feel like themselves. All they have to do is shower right before then hop in the hair chair, the artist will take care of the rest.

When to skip a blowout…

A blowout is not necessary for every client. Mostly because every client has different hair and not every client struggles with it.. For those of you lucky ladies that have naturally straight smooth hair or effortless volume without even trying this service probably isn’t for you UNLESS you just don’t feel like blow drying your own hair that day and want to pay extra to have one of the hair artists do it for you by all means they’d be happy to. Another instance where skipping a blowout is the right choice would be if a client has naturally curly hair and wants a style that utilizes their natural hair texture and curl pattern. The less heat the better in that case.

Whether a blowout is your end style or a stepping stone to get you to your desired style it’s certainly worth considering. The best looks always happen when the client and the stylist completely understand the hair type they’re working with and what needs to be done to that specific hair in

order to accomplish each and every chosen style.

*Pricing for a blowout is $30. If the hair is shoulder length or shorter and the client is receiving a down do, the blow out is complimentary*

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