Curly Hair, Don't Care

This one’s for our curly girls!!

Are you a bride or bridesmaid with tight to medium natural curls? Do they start all the way at the scalp? Are you a little nervous about having your hair done?

Guess what! You have nothing to worry about.

In fact you have MORE options than our wavy or straight haired babes! Also I am super jealous of you but that’s not important here...

We’ll start with the two categories you’ll fall into.

Option 1: Wear a style utilizing your natural curl. We might add a few hot tools curls here and there, but your texture will be the dominating force.

Option 2: Wear a traditional style with a barrel curl. We will need a blow out and a traditional curl set with a curling iron to achieve this look.

You can choose to go either way so let’s help you decide what will be the best option for you.

-Do you wear your natural curl every day?

-Would you feel uncomfortable not having your natural curl shown off?

-Was the last time you saw your hair straight at the root in middle school when we all worshipped the flat iron (or never)?

You sound like the kind of girl who should show off that curl and choose a style that accentuates your natural texture. OPTION 1!

-Do you straighten your hair often?

-Are people shocked when they see you with your curly hair?

-Do you love trying new looks with your hair?

-Do you feel comfortable with your hair when it’s in its natural curl AND (or only) when it’s straightened at the root?

I’m going to say that you would be 100% comfortable with a “traditional” style. OPTION 2!

Now that we’ve decided which direction to go we need to talk about steps you’ll need to take to prepare your hair for us to work with.


If you are going to wear your natural curly hair you can pretty much do exactly what you normally do!

No one knows curly hair better than the person who’s head it sits on so my recommendation is that you think of the absolute best your curly hair has looked and replicate what you’ve done to get it there.

Is it best on its 2nd day after washing? Does a particular product give you the best results? Would you let it air dry or blow it dry with a diffuser? Do you like to create a particular parting?

Help us help you by coming in with the best canvas for us to work with.

If you know that it’s too oily and frizzy by day 3 or that you like a side part but let it dry pulled back from your face there is only so much we can do to get your hair where you want it to be.

If you have a few areas that aren’t cooperating no worries, we will use an appropriately sized curling tool to help tame any wayward tendrils.


If you decide to go with a “traditional” style PLEASE trust us and follow our prep directions. I know they are NOT what you are used to for curly hair but I promise they will give you the best result.

You will need a blowout before we begin working on your hair. The tight curl at the root needs to be broken up while the hair is still damp in order the make sure you have plenty of volume and control for the style.

If you are used to blowing your hair out you can come with it ready to go! You don’t even need a perfect blowout just enough to make sure the hair is dry and the curl is loosened. Please be sure to blow your hair out with the part you want to have in your style. If you want a side part draping over your face and you dry it pulled back in a bun we may not be able to get your hair to cooperate later on. Also, please don’t use more than a bit of smoothing cream in your damp hair and nothing in it afterward. Too much product will hinder the results of your end style. And NO flat ironing!! We will take care of that if we need to.

If you would like us to do a blowout for you make sure we know so we can build it into the schedule and quote for the big day. In this case we ask that you come with wet hair and NO PRODUCT. Yes you read that right... and yes I know you are freaking out about that. I PROMISE that we come prepared with the right products to give you smooth hair that will work with this style.

That’s it! Follow these steps and we can give you the style of your dreams.

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